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Vintage Clear & Frosted Glass Relish Dish Bowl, Vintage Hand Blown LE Smith Frosted Amberina Glass Bowl, Vintage Blue Glass Bowl Frosted Turquoise Aqua Dining Table Serving 10 , Vintage Chip and Dip Bowls with Holder Frosted Glass with Gold Leaves and Trim, Vintage Libbey Gold Design Frosted 5 1 4 Snack Bowl, VINTAGE LIBBEY LARGE PARTY CHIP SALAD PUNCH BOWL FROSTED GLASS GOLD LEAF BOWL, Vintage Mid Century Blendo West Virginia Frosted Glass Salad Chip Dip Bowls Set, VTG Frosted Green Glass Compote Pedestal Bowl Candy Dish Set of 2, Pink Glass Pedastel Console Bowl Frosted Etch Flower & Line Centerpiece Art VTG, Vtg Libbey Golden Foliage Frosted Gold Leaf Ice Bucket Bowl , Vtg TIDBITS FOREIGN WORDS West Virginia Glass TURQUOISE FROSTED CANDY BOWL, Vintage West Virginia Glass Blendo Bowl Frosted Pastel Blue Gold Rim, VINTAGE FROSTED GREEN AVOCADO FLUTED COMPOTE BOWL DISH, NICE VINTAGE FROSTED DEPRESSION VASELINE GLASS FOOTED BOWL, Vintage 1940 50 Frosted Glass Bowl Ice Bucket Grape Vine Design Gold Trim, West Virginia Glass Blendo Retro Frosted Bowls 6 Fruit Dessert Dishes Vintage, Vintage Clear Glass Triangle Pattern Frosted Fruit Design In Bowl Bottom, Unusually Unique Vintage Footed Bowl Ribbed Frosted Like W Green Rim, 5 Vintage Frosted Pink Satin Glass Compote Footed Ice Cream Bowls, Vintage Creamer and Sugar Bowl Frosted Leaf Gold Trim Clear Depression Glass

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