Edge Candy Dish

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Vintage Indiana Yellow Ruffled Edge Diamond Point Square Bon Bon Candy Dish, VINTAGE GLASS DISH FLOWER DESIGNS WAVY EDGES CANDY NUTS DECORATION PARTY 90, VTG Indiana Glass AMBER OPEN LACE EDGE COVERED CANDY DISH Pedestal Bowl Decor, Indiana Diamond Point YELLOW Depression Glass SQUARE Candy Dish Ruffled Edges, Vintage Pink 7 Diameter Satin Glass Candy Dish Bowl Ruffled Edge Thumbprint , Fire King Milk Glass Ivory Egg Tray & Candy Dish EUC Gold Edged, Vintage Indiana Yellow Ruffled Edge Diamond Point Square Bon Bon Candy Dish, Scalloped Edge Clear Glass w Silver Flower Leaves Painted Inside Candy Dish Bowl, VINTAGE GLASS DISH FLOWER DESIGNS WAVY EDGES CANDY NUTS DECORATION PARTY 90, Indiana Glass Hen on Nest, Candy Dish, Beaded Edge PERFECT Shade Of Green Chicke, VINTAGE AMBER IRIDESCENT GLASS FOOTED CANDY DISH SCALLOPED EDGE , Vintage Lg Candy Dish Square Ruffled Edge Clear Cut Diamond Point Indiana Glass , Vintage Amber Ruffled Edge Glass Candy or Nut Dish, Vintage Lace Edge Grape Pattern White Milk Glass Footed Candy Dish, Vintage Turquoise Candy Dish Blue Green Scalloped Edge 7 1 2 , VINTAGE EO BRODY CO USA TW0 M2000 GREEN GLASS CANDY DISH BOWL Scalloped Edge

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