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8 VINTAGE BEVERAGE GLASSES ANCHOR HOCKING ETCHED BOOPIES BERWICK 3.5 OZ STEMS, vintage etched depression era sugar bowl, Federal Glass Vintage Pitcher Etched Grapevine, VTG Red Decanter With 6 Large Shot Glasses Etched Floral Design Gold Accents , Vintage, Depression, Glass, Clear, Etched, Bowl, Vintage Wine Glass Set of 6 Etched Diamond Thumbprint Circa 1940 1950's, Vintage Federal Glass Etched 4 Glasses Set of 2 EUC, WINE SHOT GLASS 6 STEMMED LIQUER ETCHED VINTAGE PERFECT gift, Vintage Elegant cyrstal etched Desert Glasses, vintage etched stemware, Lot 4 Vintage Flower Floral Etched Silver Rimmed Hi Boy Tumblers Tall Beautiful, Vintage Wine Glass Set of 5 Etched Diamond Thumbprint Circa 1940 1950's, Vintage Glass Oval Plate Etched , Vintage Etched Glass Cordial or Apertif Glass Wheat design, 3 Vintage 4 Anchor Hocking Boopie Style Berwick Cordial Juice Glasses 1 Etched

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